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What is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD?

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that some people get after seeing or living through a dangerous event.

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what is PTSD

When in danger, it’s natural to feel afraid. This fear triggers many split-second changes in the body to prepare to defend against the danger or to avoid it. This “fight-or-flight” response is a healthy reaction meant to protect a person from harm. But in PTSD, this reaction is changed or damaged. People who have PTSD may feel stressed or frightened even when they’re no longer in danger.



MusiCabin presents: Damon Hill – Top Musician

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Hey! Thanks to everyone at Soundcloud for a great 2011. We never would have guessed we’d be 24 tracks deep after only a year’s time. We have a boatload of songs in the pipeline for the months ahead. Somehow the well hasn’t run dry on us quite yet. As always everything is free to download. All we ask in return is that you share one or two of your favorite tracks with your friends. You can buy them too if you want to help us get into the studio a bit sooner.

On that note, we’re going to need help choosing the songs for our first studio EP or album. We actually think most of the tracks posted here, and a lot of other ones we haven’t shown you yet, have a rather good shot. So leave us some feedback and we’ll try to return the love. Most importantly, help spread the word! Consider yourselves part of the prologue :)

-Tom & Josh

Kind Words:

“I haven’t heard music like that really since Simon & Garfunkel, and I love those guys. They didn’t sound like anybody I had ever heard before, and they had a style of music that was just very cool. You guys have got that but your own original sound as well. I can see a bright future for you guys, I really can.” -Michael Angel from “Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag”

“Getting a good blend of voices in a band is always an iffy sort of thing. Sometimes the harmonies work, sometimes they don’t. These two guys from Boston got it right and then some. They work the chords with a lot more creativity than your average pop singer, who tends to stick with tried and true 3rds. The light instrumentation, along with the laid back feel of the songs allow the vocals to take center stage. It helps that the songs are originals designed especially to fit their voices. The resulting songs are definitely worth the listen.” -Matt Hundley, “The Indie Reviewer”

“My first impression of these two was ‘mmm…interesting.’ I couldn’t place their style, but that’s what’s great about them – they are in a league of their own. You get the feeling they love music and have fun playing it, not that they are lazy in making music, but they are comfortable and relaxed in what they make. They have potential to have their names in lights.” -Youtuber Extraordinaire - WheelBellow

“Tom & Josh, aka: Damon Hill, are based in Boston and many hail them as two new song writers that the world hasn’t seen anything like since the days Simon & Garfunkel first made their splash.” -Deane Rimerman from

“They have come up with this really interesting sound. I do enjoy the acoustic music, some songs just grab me, and they sound so much better with just a guitar and lyrics, and I thought that song (‘So It Goes’) was definitely worth playing.” -Matt from “It’s a Podcast on the Radio!”

“These guys do folk the way I remember folk. Every once in a great while you’d hear a great group or duo and these guys, if they had played at an open mike and I heard this tune or any of the tunes that they do, I would’ve been blown straight out of the room. These guys have great talent. These guys know what they’re doing and they know how to do it.” -Michael Angel from “Michael Angel’s Cosmic Grab Bag”

“Damon Hill is one of my favourite groups on SoundCloud, and this is their latest upload (‘Then I’ll Be Alright’). Their musicality is always spot on, and they write the nicest, most memorable tracks. My favourite bit comes in around 1:00, coupled with some sweet harmonies a little later on. These guys rock, love ‘em.” – Soundcloud favorite Dave Greening

“Damon Hill is the kind of stuff the world really needs. So much respect for the free music; and it’s all brilliant. Best wishes from the UK. Hopefully bump into you at a campfire someday.” -Soundcloud user SpreadtheWordYo

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MusiCabin PTSD

Hi everybody,
Today I want to share with you a clip, this song deals with what some of us have to deal on a daily basis…

I’m talking about PTSD.

If you cannot see this video by sgt. Dunson please click here

If you cannot see this video by sgt. Dunson please click here

Today I woke up to a morning of stress…
Unlike yesterday morning, which was full of hope and thankfulness.
Just to give us all the proportions in our lives.
We all have bad moments, we all experience dispair in our lives.
This is what some people’s lives look like every single day!

I want to reach out to all you veterans, and abused people, who suffer from
To give you some hope…

You are not alone…
We know PTSD is an inseperable part of your life if you suffer from it
and we want to give you some hope…
By showing you that we care!

We want to give all you PTSD veterans and people an opportunity to provide for yourself and for your families…

Please click on our free video on the right side of this page. Insert your best email to watch how your life can improve in some aspects…
This has helped us!
We want to help you too!!!

Do not surender to PTSD!!!
There is HOPE!!!

We love you

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